Styles and Templates

alwUnlike most other word processing programs, Word does an excellent job of separating content from appearance. This statement may sound strange; indeed, many Word users never grasp this fundamental principle in the way that Word works.

Those who do grasp this concept are well on their way to mastering the real power behind Word. Those fortunate few who successfully master the secrets of powerful formatting are able to create documents that stand out from the rest and, best of all, are easy to maintain and quick to change.

What is the secret behind Word’s formatting powerhouse? In a word, styles. If you master styles, you’ve tapped into what makes Word the leader in powerful word processing.

Unfortunately, many people don’t tap into Word’s true potential because they are clueless when it comes to styles and templates. If you do most of your formatting using the buttons on the Home tab of the ribbon (bold, italics, center, etc.), then chances are good that you are missing out, as well.

My Mastering Styles and Templates course introduces you to the wonderful world of styles and templates. It shows you, step by step, how you can harness the power of styles to easily format your documents and, best of all, to make that formatting consistent.

Mastering Styles and Templates is the best thing that ever happened to Word. As a Word user since it was introduced, this course has opened up a whole new path to become more proficient with the technical manuals I work on every day. The course is very well organized and clearly presented. It has helped me to dig deeper into the features of styles and templates that I either did not know existed or did not know how to use. Getting to a higher level just takes an effort to follow the lessons, try them out, and put them to use.


What the Course Covers

The Mastering Styles and Templates course is packed with great information designed to help you develop the firm foundation that is critical to working with styles. The course is divided into sections, each covering a major topic area. Each section is further divided into a series of lessons crafted to help you expand your understanding.

There is a tremendous amount of information in this course, designed to take you from the level of an absolute beginner, completely unfamiliar with styles, all the way to an advanced level. The course is designed to help you progress and succeed at your own pace.

Here’s a quick rundown of the sections in the course:

  • Section 100: Course Introduction (3 lessons)
  • Section 101: Understanding Styles (6 lessons)
  • Section 102: Creating and Using Styles (5 lessons)
  • Section 103: Styles and Your Document (4 lessons)
  • Section 104: Editing Styles (5 lessons)
  • Section 105: Managing Styles (4 lessons)
  • Section 106: Tips for Working with Styles (7 lessons)
  • Section 107: Style Gotchas—Things to Watch Out For (3 lessons)
  • Section 108: Understanding and Creating Templates (4 lessons)
  • Section 109: Applying Templates (2 lessons)
  • Section 110: Editing Templates (3 lessons)
  • Section 111: The Normal Template: A Special Case (4 lessons)
  • Section 112: Managing Templates (4 lessons)
  • Section 113: Wrapping Up (2 lessons)
  • Section 114: Bonus: Working with Multilevel Lists (3 lessons)
  • Section 115: Bonus: Working with Table Styles (2 lessons)

That’s a grand total of 61 lessons. (As I said—packed with information!) If you want an even more detailed outline of the course, you can download it by clicking or right-clicking on this link. The detailed outline shows the title of each section, title of each lesson, and the length for each lesson.

This course makes it clear why using Word Styles and Templates is such a valuable tool, and it made it easy to understand how to use them. Along the way, I also learned about some of their shortcomings, plus potential problems and how to avoid them.
Allen’s obvious expertise in understanding how Word functions is complemented by his ability to share that knowledge in easy-to-understand language. I also found it valuable that he presents useful concepts behind the step-by-step procedures without getting bogged down in technical jargon or IT minutia. (Knowing why I’m doing something helps me remember how to do it.)
Unlike searching through dozens of piece-meal YouTube videos, these lessons all tie together in a well-organized, step-by-step, logical sequence, with each lesson building on what was previously presented. Allen also presents some lesser-known tips and tricks that aren’t normally included in simple step-by-step lists.
It’s easy to navigate between lessons and sections. Equally important was the ability to track my progress. (Sometimes several weeks went by between sessions, and it was easy to see exactly where I left off.)
Each video focuses on a single topic. They’re short enough (2 to 13 minutes) to keep my attention focused but long enough to help me understand exactly how to accomplish each task. Thoughtfully included are closed captioning, downloadable lesson transcripts, and the ability to speed up or slow down the videos. (A bonus: Allen’s voice is pleasant and easy to listen to.)
This course definitely deserves five stars!
—Nancy (Illinois)


A Sample Lesson

As I already mentioned, the Mastering Styles and Templates course consists of 61 lessons organized into sections. (See the course overview just above.) To give you a taste for how I present information in these lessons, I want to share one of them with you. Below is the video for lesson 101-2, “What is a Style?” (Hint: You may want to maximize the video so it fills your screen. I find this helpful when viewing lessons.)

I hope that gives you an idea of how I conduct my courses—I try to be clear, concise, and complete when discussing any particular topic. Note that for this particular lesson, the supplemental materials include two transcripts (one “raw” and the other edited). These supplemental materials are available on the lesson’s page once you register for the course.

This course has a nice balance of going slowly enough for anyone to follow it, but also covering both the basic concepts and the finer points of how to work with both styles and templates. You can see Allen’s years of experience at work here, and it’s easy to find a specific topic if you need extra review without taking a lot of time. If you are new to styles, I highly recommend taking the course, but even the style-savvy will find some excellent ‘ah ha!’ moments.
—Jennifer (Dallas)


What Your Course Registration Includes

If you decide to sign up for the Mastering Styles and Templates course, here’s what registration as a class member gives you:

check All the videos in the course (there is a video for each of the 61 lessons in the course—over 6 hours of video instruction!)
check The ability to watch videos on multiple devices
check A Word document or PDF file (companion documents) for many of the lessons, so you can follow along with what is presented in the video
check Two types of transcripts for each lesson (the raw transcript and an easier-to-read edited transcript)
check Closed-captioning subtitles available for each streaming video
check The ability to pause, rewind, and replay the videos as many times as you want
check The ability to watch, work, discover, and learn at your own pace during the registration period, without any artificial deadlines
check The ability to mark each lesson as completed so you can easily track your progress in the course
check 12 months of full access all online course materials, including videos and supplemental materials
check Unlimited 24/7 access, as long as you have an Internet connection
check Support from me (Allen Wyatt) as you learn to incorporate styles and templates into your own work
check A certificate of completion (mailed to you) available at the end of the course, upon request
check 100% 30-day money-back guarantee (You get plenty of time to try out the course)

I’ve structured Mastering Styles and Templates course so that it is easy to develop the skills you need. Plus, I’ve done my best to pack the course with features and benefits that make it an absolutely awesome value.

Listen to what Judy, one of my students, had to say about the course:


The Price for this Awesome Value?

The registration fee for the course is a fraction of what in-person events can cost. The amount depends on whether you want the course in streaming format, or if you want the ability to download the video files in addition to streaming. Both options provide the exact same content; I just know that some people like to have the video files on their own computers. Here’s what each course option provides:

Course Course + Downloads
Over 6 hours of streaming video in 61 lessons check check
Ability to watch videos on multiple devices check check
Downloadable course video files in 720p high-def format (see notes, below) check
Downloadable course video files in 1080p high-def format (see notes, below) check
Video files sent to you on USB drive (upon request; see notes, below) check
Companion documents and PDF files for appropriate lessons check check
Closed-captions (streaming video only) check check
Transcripts (2 versions) for each lesson check check
Pause, rewind, and replay videos as many times as you want check check
Watch, work, discover, and learn at your own pace check check
Self-controlled online tracking of lessons you’ve completed check check
12 months of access to all course materials online check check
Lifetime access to course materials downloaded during your 12-month registration period check
Unlimited 24/7 access during your 12-month registration period (as long as you have an Internet connection) check check
Personalized help in learning styles and templates check check
Certificate of completion suitable for framing (upon request) check check
100% money-back guarantee during the 30 days following registration check check
Registration Fee Only $197 Only $297

Important Note: Those who choose to register for the Course+Downloads option receive, 31 days after signing up, access to a download page that provides the video files (without closed-captioning) in two formats: 720p high-def and 1080p high-def. High-quality video files are HUGE, so I also provide the opportunity for Course+Downloads registrants to have the video files sent to them in both formats on a USB 3.0 flash drive at no additional cost, upon request. (Requests for the USB flash drive are accepted after the 31 days, as well.) Access to the video files and requests for the USB drive are available 31 days after registering because the first 30 days constitute the “kick-the-tires” period where any registrant can ask for a refund of the course registration fee.

I’m betting that you can catch a glimpse of the great value in the Mastering Styles and Templates course. While I can’t come to your hometown and host one of my training seminars, I can do the next best thing and provide the online tools you need to finally harness how to create and use styles and templates. And, I can provide it at a lower cost than a “hometown seminar” and provide more features and benefits.

I’d love you to take advantage of my Mastering Styles and Templates course; you can secure your place in the course by clicking the button that represents the version of the course you need:


Still Can’t Decide?

If you are still on the fence about participating, consider a few things:

  1. The full outline for the course is fantastic. I provided a quick overview of the outline, above, but you can check out the full outline by clicking or right-clicking on this link.
  2. I’ve actively tried to provide more support materials to class participants than other online courses.
  3. I make myself available to course participants, through this website and via e-mail, after the course starts. (In other words, you won’t be left on your own as you work through the course—I’ll be there to help you.)

I’ve spent an immense amount of time and resources to put together the Mastering Styles and Templates course. In the course I show you, in a hands-on way, how you can put styles and templates to work for you. And, I do it in an approachable, achievable way. If you decide to register for the course, I want you to acquire real skills you can use regularly. It will take work on your part, but I’m there to help you out as you finally master this powerful capability of Word!

The bottom line is that Mastering Styles and Templates is for regular people who simply want to increase their knowledge about styles and templates and, thereby, enhance their use of Microsoft Word.

I’m confident you won’t be disappointed in the course but, even so, there is no risk on your part. As I mentioned earlier, Mastering Styles and Templates is covered by a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee, the same as all my other products. If you don’t like what you see or it’s not working out for you, just e-mail me and request the refund. My only requirement is that you do it within 30 days from when you register for the course. (That gives you plenty of time to “kick the tires” and try everything out.)

Are you ready to expand your knowledge of Word’s powerful styles and templates? I’m ready to help you gain the skills you need. All you need to do is register by clicking the button for the course format that’s right for you:

Do you have other questions about the Mastering Styles and Templates course? E-mail me ( and I’ll get you helped out as quickly as I can.

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