alwWhat comes to mind when you hear the word “PivotTable?” For many Excel users, the word conjurs up feelings of dread—they think that a PivotTable is one of those tools best left some mythical (or mystical) Excel expert, but certainly not for the everyday user. For such folks, the PivotTable remains the most esoteric of Excel’s analysis tools.

It doesn’t need to be that way!

PivotTables aren’t as scary as some people assume; they are really quite useful and powerful. PivotTables have been available in Excel for years, yet relatively few people know how to use them to analyze their data. This is a pity, as PivotTables can allow you to see your data in new and exciting ways.

I’ve spent a good deal of time over the years demonstrating Excel and teaching others how to use it. Whenever I get to the subject of PivotTables, and I show how easy they really are to use, the usual reaction is “Wow! That is so cool!” Why? Because PivotTables are very powerful.

That’s the reason I put together my PivotTables for the Faint of Heart online course. This course provides all the information you need in order to put PivotTables to work for you, right away. Before you know it, you can start digging new gold from your existing data, without driving yourself crazy. You’ll finally discover how powerful PivotTables are and how easily you can make them a part of what you do with Excel.


What the Course Covers

The PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course is packed with great information designed to help you develop the skills you need to take your data analysis work to the next level. The course is divided into sections, each covering a major topic area. Each section is further divided into a series of lessons crafted to help you expand your understanding.

There is a tremendous amount of information in this course, designed to take you from the level of an absolute beginner, completely unfamiliar with PivotTables, all the way to an advanced level. Step by step, lesson by lesson, you’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to put PivotTables to work with your data. The course is designed to help you progress and succeed at your own pace.

Here’s a quick rundown of the sections in the course:

  • Section 1: Getting Ready to Learn (4 lessons)
  • Section 2: PivotTable Basics (2 lessons)
  • Section 3: Creating a PivotTable (5 lessons)
  • Section 4: Variations on Creating PivotTables (4 lessons)
  • Section 5: Editing a PivotTable (8 lessons)
  • Section 6: Using Slicers and Timelines (5 lessons)
  • Section 7: Formatting PivotTables (5 lessons)
  • Section 8: Adding Calculated Data (4 lessons)
  • Section 9: Refreshing Data (5 lessons)
  • Section 10: Diving Into the Information in a PivotTable (4 lessons)
  • Section 11: Tweaking How You Use PivotTables (4 lessons)
  • Section 12: Working with PivotCharts (5 lessons)
  • Section 13: Wrapping Up (2 lessons)

That’s a grand total of 57 lessons. Notice, as well, that not only do you learn about PivotTables, but there are lessons about slicers, timelines, and PivotCharts. (As I said—packed with information!) If you want an even more detailed outline of the course, you can download it by clicking or right-clicking on this link. The detailed outline shows the title of every section and lesson in the course.


A Sample Lesson

As I already mentioned, the PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course consists of 57 lessons organized into sections. To give you a taste for how I present information in these lessons, I want to share one of them with you. Below is the video for lesson 2-1, “What is a PivotTable?” (Hint: You may want to maximize the video so it fills your screen. I find this helpful when viewing lessons.)

I hope that gives you an idea of how I conduct my courses—I try to be clear, concise, and complete when discussing any particular topic.


What Your Course Registration Includes

If you decide to sign up for the PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course, here’s what registration as a class member gives you:

check All the videos in the course (there is a video for each of the 57 lessons in the course—over 4 hours of video instruction!)
check The ability to watch videos on multiple devices
check Sample data to use as you work through the course
check A transcript for each lesson in the course
check Closed-captioning subtitles available for each streaming video
check The ability to pause, rewind, and replay the videos as many times as you want
check The ability to watch, work, discover, and learn at your own pace during the registration period, without any artificial deadlines
check The ability to mark each lesson as completed so you can easily track your progress in the course
check 12 months of full access all online course materials, including videos and supplemental materials
check Unlimited 24/7 access, as long as you have an Internet connection
check Support from me (Allen Wyatt) as you learn to use PivotTables with your own data
check A certificate of completion (mailed to you) available at the end of the course, upon request
check 100% 30-day money-back guarantee (You get plenty of time to try out the course)

I’ve structured the PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course so that it is easy to develop the skills you need. Plus, I’ve done my best to pack the course with features and benefits that make it an absolutely awesome value.


The Price for this Awesome Value?

The registration fee for the course is a fraction of what in-person events can cost. Plus, registration provides you with something an in-person event cannot—a full year of access to the course materials, not just a couple of days as is par for the course with in-person events.

The benefit to registering, of course, is that you discover how to put PivotTables to work within Excel, learning the secrets and skills necessary to take your use of the program to the next level.

You can grab all the features, benefits, and (most of all) VALUE detailed above for only $99. The PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course is a great deal, but you can only sign up for a few more days. Registration closes at end-of-day on Thursday, March 18, so the time to register is now!

I’m betting that you can catch a glimpse of the great value in the PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course. While I can’t come to your hometown and host one of my training seminars, I can do the next best thing and provide the online tools you need to finally harness how to create and use PivotTables. Plus, I can provide it at a lower cost than a “hometown seminar” and provide more features and benefits.

I’d love you to take advantage of my PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course; you can secure your place in the course by clicking the button below:


Part of the Tips.Net Library

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course is part of the Tips.Net Library. What is the Library? Good question! It is, essentially, a “full-access pass” to all of my courses and a heck of a lot more. Yes, it is more expensive than the PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course by itself. It provides, however, so much more than a single course.

I’m not here, though, to try to convince you to sign up for the Tips.Net Library. I just want you to know that it is available because I’ve had people come back to me in the past and say “why didn’t you tell me about THIS?” If you want to know more about the Library, just click this link and you’ll see (in a new browser tab) all the information about it.


Still Can’t Decide?

If you are still on the fence about participating, consider a few things:

  1. The full outline for the course is fantastic. I provided a quick overview of the outline, above, but you can check out the full outline by clicking or right-clicking on this link.
  2. I’ve actively tried to provide more support materials to class participants than other online courses.
  3. I make myself available to course participants, through this website and via e-mail, after the course starts. (In other words, you won’t be left on your own as you work through the course—I’ll be there to help you.)

I’ve spent an immense amount of time and resources to put together the PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course. In the course I show you, in a hands-on way, how you can work with PivotTables using large data sets that defy normal analysis. And, I do it in an approachable, achievable way. If you decide to register for the course, I want you to acquire real skills you can use regularly. It will take work on your part, but I’m there to help you out as you finally master this powerful capability of Excel!

The bottom line is that PivotTables for the Faint of Heart is for regular people who simply want to increase their knowledge about PivotTables, slicers, timelines, and PivotCharts—and, thereby, enhance their use of Excel.

I’m confident you won’t be disappointed in the course but, even so, there is no risk on your part. As I mentioned earlier, PivotTables for the Faint of Heart is covered by a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee, the same as all my other products. If you don’t like what you see or it’s not working out for you, just e-mail me and request the refund. My only requirement is that you do it within 30 days from when you register for the course. (That gives you plenty of time to “kick the tires” and try everything out.)

Are you ready to expand your knowledge of Excel? I’m ready to help you gain the skills you need. All you need to do is register by clicking the button below:

Do you have other questions about the PivotTables for the Faint of Heart course? E-mail me ( and I’ll get you helped out as quickly as I can.

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